The Bob

Here are my thoughts on the needed items in your bug out bag.  Questions you need to answer before you create your bag

  • Who will be carrying this bag?
  • Strength and endurance are a key factor in what this bag should hold
  • Are there any special needs for this person?
  • After deciding who is going to carry it you can establish the amount of weight the person can bear.
  • What special medication and items it needs to contain.
  • How long do you wish for this bag to sustain you?
  • If you’re thinking a week or two then adding a bunch of freeze dried food might help.
  • If you’re thinking longer than a means to obtain food as in hunting, trapping, fishing or foraging is going to be more of a priority
  • Why do you believe you will need this bag? (Often people overlook the reasons why they chose to do things and simply do them because someone said they needed it.  If you don’t know why you need it, how can you know what you need it for?)
  • How soon do you think you need to obtain this bag?
  • If you need it immediately, a basic bag full of the recommended items might be your choice
  • If you feel like you might be able to take some time to tweak this to best fit your needs then you could start with basics and shift things as you try it out.

All of these questions are things to think about when thinking about your BOB… think on this scenario…you are planning a new car purchase!  You do your homework and check the ratings on some of your favorites.  You decided on what you can afford and how you plan to make this decision.  Should you not spend some time looking at all the options when it comes to something that could save your life?


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