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The Self-Reliance & Simple Life EXPERIENCE is family-friendly event produced by The National Self-Reliance Project, whose mission is to educate and empower our citizens, families and communities to become more SELF-RELIANT.

October 29-30, 2022

3301 E Magnolia Ave, Knoxville, TN 37914

Saturday: 9am – 5pm  |  Sunday: 9am – 4pm

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David Womick discusses after watching the first episode of The Black Sky Event docuseries, Targeting the Electric Grid, we will discuss how current world events could result in an attack on our electric grid. We’ll look at the threats from a EMP, Cyber Attack, or a physical attack.
Conny Jacoby, ND brings you an interactive Program on teaching systems and symbiotic relationships of the body for self assessment and knowledge. Lyme and Tick Borne Illnesses, A natural approach and is there a cure? CDB, CBG, CBN and all of the cannabinoids what are they and what benefits will they have for me.
Amanda discusses Gold and Silver Boullion Questions like these often come up and she will discuss the implications and options 1. What should I buy 2 Who should I trust to buy from 3. How much money does it take to start? 4 What do I do if I need cash? 5 What is the tax implications
With everything that is going on - what should I realistically prepare for? Why do you believe every home needs a dehydrator? This presentation will be focusing on what is coming down the pipe and the more food production one has, the better. Even if they live in an apartment, they can create some garden and what they produce can be used for barter as well as augment their own food preps.
Not since WWII have concerns about food security affected so many Americans. The ongoing shortages of basic food items on grocery shelves are a wake-up call for many who previously have never worried about feeding their families. “Building Food Security” begins with Food Security 101, a brief examination of how to determine what foods you should store to build greater food security. Given the relatively high cost of commercial food for long-term storage, this course will then examine canning, dehydrating and home freeze drying as alternatives to increase food security. Whether you have a garden or you are using store-bought goods, you can lower your storage costs and increase your food security by preserving food yourself. We will discuss preservation techniques for both on and off-grid scenarios and discuss the pros and cons of each method.
Why do you like the HiPoint C9? What do you see coming down the pipe in the next several years? We are facing a perfect storm and things are not getting better. I wrote an article on this very topic which I would expand on. NOTE - this is my drive right now, I strongly believe that the SHTF in 2023 and the winter of 2023 is going to be really bad.
1. Creating a financial wall around your family nothing can get through 1.5 Cash is still king. Stop with the FOMO 2. Understanding uninterrupted compounded interest 3. Largest expenses over your lifetime. (Taxes and Interest) 4. Your emergency fund is too small! 4.5 when you emergency fund becomes an opportunity fund! 5. Invest in things you are interested in, that you know about and that you understand 6. Return of your money is more important than rate of return 7. SAAS. Secure, Accumulate, Accelerate, Success! 7.5 Generation Thinking, we can't take it with us and leave the world (and your family) better off than we had. Resources: Books, videos and website.
Moderated by DJ Cooper the panel will discuss the ways you can use fiction in preparedness. Learn how these authors decide which characters live and other interesting ways they discover survival and preparedness information.
Conny Jacoby, ND discusses the facts and the myths with Detox, Do I need to? Natural and effective Heavy Metal, Liver, Full Body a complete approach..
“Intro to Grassroots Mobilization” is a short overview of effective tactics for defending American values and freedoms. Topics covered:  What is grassroots mobilization?  How grassroots tactics can be applied at a local level § City councils and county commissions § School boards § HOAs  Why you are probably unprepared for political action  Why “compromise” never works  What is “direct action” and how is it applied?  The four types of Direction Action and when to apply them § The two approaches to legislative action § The two types of election operations  What is issue management and how is it applied?


Join Andrew Herrington the founder of BigPig Outdoors and Team BUSAR as he separates fact from fantasy when it comes to wilderness survival. Drawing from over twenty years of operational experience in Search & Rescue and an NPS Wildlife Ranger, the instructor will help you formulate a plan to keep you and your family safe during wilderness emergencies and how these lessons directly apply to the preparedness community.
Learn from Forrest Garvin how your most important prep is being in a survival group! The only people that argue against this are not in a group. This class will cover: why your “expert” is not in a group, why you need a group, how to find a group, where to find people, what to look for in others, how to talk to others about groups, how groups will change you, how to prepare yourself for a group, how many should you have in your group, how to find an quick bug out location, what due diligence should you do, roles and responsibility in a group. My survival group has been together for 18 years and I will share information that others have never shared. www.preppernet.net


David Jones aka The NBC Guy talks about the importance of a community, why and how to find one. He will also outline some reasons why you might like to.
Would you be prepared to survive without a grocery store? How will you live without a gas station to fill your car? How long do you think your stockpile of freeze-dried food will last if we are sent back to an agrarian society?


If you could only grow five crops to feed yourself, what would they be? How much land do you think you need to truly be self-sufficient in food production? When designing your homestead, what is the number one consideration for survival? Why must livestock be a part of any self-sustaining farm system and which ones would you choose? What are the most critical items to have on hand for a self-sufficient farm? Learn the answers to these and other questions.
So, you want to forage wild food to feed your family? Great! Every little bit of food knowledge helps with food security. But what are you going to do with that food once you find it? How will you use it? Salads can get so boring, and not every plant should be eaten raw. In the class Wild Food Recipes, Suzanne will help you learn to use many of the wild edibles growing around you, in delicious dishes that your family will love. She will discuss tips on identifying what plants are edible, even palatable, and how to get those plants closer to home. You’ll learn tips and techniques on how to get the most nutrition out of the plants. Supplementing our stored, bland dried foods with green, living ingredients is so important to staying healthy in stressful times. It’s NOT just about storing calories. Living food is healthy food! Bring a notebook and plant to take lots of notes!
How many of you have cooked with freeze dried food? What is your main goal (months to a year) supply of food? You ask, "How easy is it to prepare a full meal with freeze dried food? Are their any added sugars or chemicals to Thrive FD food? Did you know that green beans lose about 52% of their vitamin C content within 2 days of being picked? Did you know most "fresh" produce travels an average of 2,000 miles to get to your grocery store? Get some great insights from Vicki in this class.


*These classes are presented by the instructor and are not included in price of admission.


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Survival/SAR Lessons Breakout session: Andrew Herrington

Cost: $20
Length: 1 hour
Description: In this follow-up, hands-on session you will see the gear and techniques used by Team BUSAR during mountain rescue operations. The class will include demonstrations on gear, wilderness medicine, fire-starting, and emergency shelter options.

Booking may be done Day of Event

Floor Plan – Tennessee 2022

*subject to change


Chilhowee Park — Jacob Building

3301 E Magnolia Ave, Knoxville, TN 37914

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