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Tom Smokoff

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WORKSHOP: Water Filtration in Space Exploration and on Earth


Join Tom as he discusses recent studies in the field of biofilm bacteria with an emphasis on controlling and deactivating biofilms in drinking water, stored water, hot tubs and swimming pools. 80% of all human illnesses have been attributed to Biofilm related bacteria in water. Tom will demonstrate water filtration products have been developed that take advantage of Nano-Electropositive Filters like those used in space exploration vehicles and co-developed by NASA.


Tom is the Co-Founder of Water Pure Technologies, Inc., which has been certified by the U.S. Space Agency. Tom is a research Scientist whose focus has been in the fields of drinking water, swimming pool, hot tub sanitation and
swimming pool engineering. His expertise and research have been focused towards the development of safer, long term,
alternative solutions for water treatment.