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Randy White

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Protecting Colorado's Electrical Power Grid (presenting w/ Glenn Rhoades)


In this EYE-OPENING presentation, Glenn Rhoades and Randy White will discuss the 2018 EMP threat and the struggle to protect America from an EMP catastrophe. They will be sharing once classified information that has been released to the public in recent years but has still received very little attention yet has a giant impact on all of us. This presentation is a must for everyone.


Randy White is the Founder and Former CEO for JAXON Engineering and Maintenance, Inc. a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) S-Corp whose mantra is “Driven to Serve” and “Dedicated to Excellence”.  Jaxon has now expanded to helping our Allies in Europe and the South Pacific. At this time, Jaxon is rapidly moving to assist the American public with some related survivability problems with our nation’s infrastructure, such as our nation’s power grid, our financial network(s), and our water system(s). I

In his current capacity, Randy supports the FBI’s EMP Special Interest Group (SIG) as one of their HEMP Subject Matter Experts (SME) and is often called on to address Utilities and Power companies, State Legislatures and State Senates, and other key groups to promote initiatives for improving the resiliency of our nation’s power grid, hospitals, emergency management, and public utilities. Randy has testified before various Senate and House Committees in Colorado, Maine, Texas and is scheduled to appear before the State Senate in California within a few weeks regarding the need for the Department of Homeland Security to fund emergency planning for an Extended Power Outage (EXPO), a topic that the Colorado InfraGard EMP SIG has championed and originated.

Randy is one of the country’s foremost authorities on enhancing the hardening and endurability of HEMP hardened systems, such as our missile warning, data and communications networks. In October 2017 Mr. White retired after a combined length of 44 years of service to the USAF, Martin Marietta, JAYCOR, Titan, L-3, and Jaxon.

Today Randy serves on the Board of Directors for Jaxon and continues to provide pro-bono support to the FBI’s InfraGard EMP SIG.