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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency - The Truth Behind the Myth?


Cryptocurrency isn’t going away, so you might as well learn about it. We’re in the midst of a tech revolution, and most people have no idea what’s going on; they’ve heard the buzzwords, but have no idea what they really mean. Come learn why cryptocurrency is the purest form of money. To paraphrase Nobel-prize economist Milton Friedman, money is based on myth … and cryptocurrency is nothing but myth.
Discussion Topics include:
– What is blockchain, and what makes it so powerful?
– What does bitcoin actually look like?
– What’s the crypto in cryptocurrency?
– How do people keep losing bitcoin?
– How do you protect yourself in the cryptocurrency markets?
Peter has spent a third of a century educating people about technology. A best-selling author (The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet in the 1990s, to SEO for Dummies today) and video presenter (four highly rated courses on LinkedIn Learning and the highest ranking Search Engine Optimization course on Udemy), Peter has now turned to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. His online course, Crypto Clear, breaks down this complex subject into easy to digest pieces, helping ordinary people stay safe in the cryptocurrency markets.