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Lauren Wilson

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WORKSHOP: The Art of Kombucha Making!


The Art of Kombucha Making is for both those familiar with the sweet and sour probiotic beverage and those who are just curious.  This class will take you through the history of Kombucha as well as a taste-by-taste description of the process of making Kombucha at home.


Lauren is a Holistic Health Practitioner with a focus on Herbology and gut health. She is one of the owners of Uncle Jed’s LLC, makers of On the Fence Kombucha and Uncle Jed’s Mellow Belly Mints. Their business focus is herbal foods that are all natural, sustainable and good for you! Beginning in 2010 she and her husband, “Uncle” Jed Wilson, began learning about natural medicine, herbs and homeopathic solutions to supplement and enhance western medicine. They currently live and grow their business in Englewood, Colorado.