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Jim Cobb

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Post-Collapse Barter & Trade / Realities of Bugging Out / MODERATOR: Survival Panel


  1. Post-Collapse Barter & Trade: In this presentation, Jim will begin by talking about post-collapse barter in a general sense and how it might be something of a backup plan and why one shouldn’t put all their eggs in that basket, so to speak. He will then outline criteria for determining what items and skills might be great options for bartering and include consideration for the actual ROI involved.2.
  2. Realities of Bugging-out:  In this presentation, Jim will cut thru all the hype about bugging-out and focus on what one really needs and should expect when bugging out.


Jim Cobb is a recognized authority on disaster preparedness. He has written numerous books on the subject and is a regular contributor to several magazines. He is also Editor-in-Chief for Prepper Survival Guide magazine. Jim has been studying and practicing preparedness for over three decades. He lives in the upper Midwest with his wife, children, and various critters.