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Jerry Tinianow

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Birds of a Feather: Self-Reliance and Sustainability Go Together


In this highly interactive presentation, Jerry will explore the connections between individual self-reliance and community sustainability. Working on the former makes a big contribution to the latter.  He has allowed a large portion of his presentation for audience participation, so come ready with your questions and Jerry will be sure to deliver the information you are seeking.


As Denver’s first Chief Sustainability Officer Jerry Tinianow works to ensure that critical natural and human resources are available and affordable to everyone in Denver, now and tomorrow. His office coordinates achievement of the City’s ambitious 2020 Sustainability Goals. He is also on the Global Executive Committee of the international organization ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, one of only two Americans serving in that capacity. Jerry previously served as a national officer of both the Sierra Club and the National Audubon Society, and directed the Center for Energy and Environment at the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. The Sierra Club designated him a national “Environmental Hero” during its centennial celebration. Jerry received his undergraduate and law degrees from George Washington University.