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Jeff Olson, RLT

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America's Victory Gardens - The Sequel


During WWII, American Victory Gardens grew 40% of America’s annual fruit & vegetable consumption. The Victory Gardens were a shining example of local food production by citizens. Today, a modern day sequel is occurring through residential and commercial growing technology. View Jeff’s TED talk by search for “TED & Victory Gardens”.


Jeff Olson is a business and social entrepreneur. He is an owner in the Altius Agency which invests in disruptive people and innovations. Their mission is to deliver a new standard in consumption, production, and distribution of healthy food. He is co-founder of Altius Farms, a vertical farming company. Their mission is to scale, locally grown, nationally #SemperGreens. Their flagship farm is the largest rooftop, vertical aeroponics farm in the US (in Denver). Jeff is a 2-time Olympian, 3-time national champion, Pan American gold medalist, and 2-time TED speaker. He lives in Denver, CO.