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Eric Boettcher

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No Food....No Water....No Shelter.... Could You Hack It? / PANELIST: Survival Panel


Eric will take you thru a scenario that could happen to any of us in the outdoors and teach you what to do if you find yourself with no food or no water.  Eric will offer hands-on demonstrations with the audience during his presentation.


Eric Boettcher is an award winning triple book author and survivalist who has mastered the skills and techniques for thriving in the most harsh of situations through his minimalist approach of survival. By learning how to use what is on your person and your natural surroundings to your survival benefit anyone can change the game. Supplies and equipment are only as helpful as ones knowledge to use them effectively and they too, ultimately run out. Survival knowledge and skill sets take you beyond your limited book of matches. Learn from Eric Boettcher Survivalist, a full-time outdoorsman survivalist and athlete who is also well known at Cabela’s, Sportsmans Warehouse, Recreation Outlet, Bob Wards, QuickFire, Fortress Clothing, GeoShelters, AceCamp, Grubstick, Emergency Essentials, BYU ROTC Airforce, Good4Utah, Fun Things Utah, Gun Shows America, Good Things Utah Channel 4, Prime Time Channel 4, Denver Fox 31, Survival Frog, National Self-Reliance Project, Utah Gun Exchange, Outdoorsman Expo, Vernal Preparedness for his supreme survival classes. You will never look at your environment the same.