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Emily Gerde

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Emily Gerde is a former licensed teacher, daycare provider and gymnastics coach. She has been studying nutrition for many years in order to enhance her performance as a former competitive and collegiate athlete. She has been caring for children since the age of ten through babysitting, nannying, coaching and as an educator. Emily’s passion for minimalist living is evident through her tiny house living adventure. She lives in 150 square feet with her husband, Justin, son, Wyatt, four cats and one dog. They built their tiny house in order to simplify their lives and have a smaller environmental impact. She aspires to build a tiny house community that is self-sustainable, including organic gardens, community center, biking trails and community education. Emily shares her story on social media in hopes of encouraging others to live simply with great joy in their hearts. She also provides online support to mothers who want the opportunity to live the life of their dreams through holistic health practices.  Using her masters in education she homeschools her son. During free time she helps local organic farms with weeding, harvesting and planting. Emily searches the country for amazing people doing, amazing things and shares their stories in her books.