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Dr Drew Miller

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Risks of bioterrorism and biowarfare are growing rapidly with advances in DNA engineering technology, overpopulation, and unrestricted international air travel. This presentation will give an overview of threats, and also explain the reasons why government is not working to warn or prepare the population. Finally, we will conclude with a summary of the key types of preparation you need to survive the coming collapse.


Dr. Drew Miller is a USAF Academy honor graduate, intelligence officer, and retired Colonel.  He received an academic scholarship to Harvard University where he earned a Master’s Degree and PhD.  His PhD dissertation was on underground nuclear defense shelters and field fortifications. After serving as an intelligence officer on active duty, Drew entered the reserves and started a business career.  He served in the Senior Executive Service in the Pentagon, and as a consultant at the top DoD think tank, the Institute for Defense Analyses. His article on the bioengineered viral pandemic threat was published in The American Interest, and he has spoken on threats and the need for preparedness at several national conferences.  Drew founded “Fortitude Ranch,” a recreational and survival community to help people survive the coming collapse. He is the author of Rohan Nation: Reinventing American after the 2020 Collapse. The book lays out likely causes of the disasters Drew believes are going to occur, especially the viral pandemic threat, and illustrates how difficult surviving and recovering will be.