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Don Studinski

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The ABCs of Bees / WORKSHOP: So You Want to Become a Beekeeper


  1. So You Want to Become a Beekeeper – Don will take future beekeepers thru the realities of beekeeping – explaining where to begin and what to expect, including the required time and monetary investment.
  2. The ABCs of Bees – Don will discuss the biology and benefits of beekeeping and how bees affect our ecosystem and our health.  He will also touch on the current evolution of beekeeping.


Don Studinski, is an entrepuneur directing his full-time efforts toward everything related to flying, stinging insects, especially honeybees. He provides Certified Naturally Grown products created locally in Colorado including Slow Honey™, Slow Honey Limited™, Slow Comb™ and Slow Wax™. The “slow” branding is a reference to his commitment to doing business locally both as a vendor and as a consumer. He also provides services including pollination, honeybee and wasp live removal, teaching and consulting. Don is the author of Beekeeping Mentor In A Book, published in September of 2014.  He has also written about beekeeping for Bee Culture magazine, Living Systems Institute, Selene River Press, Bee Informed Partnership and Pesticide Action Network.

Don has a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Computer Information Systems.  He spent his computer career working for IBM, StorageTek, and McKesson as a programmer, manager and director.  He has also owned and operated his own t-shirt and embroidery business.

Today, Don spends his time as a beekeeper all over Colorado.  Don’s beekeeping focus is to raise a healthy population of bees throughout the front range and into the mountains.  His next product, Hive Magic™, Moisturizing Cream is under development.