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DJ Cooper

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The New Prepper Overload


Insights into the overload that often comes with the realization of the logistical nightmare that encompasses the complex world of preparedness. A power-point presentation with accompanying PDF download. Runs about an hour to cover topics such as timing of events to prepare for, number of family members, lists of items, and events. Broken down into an easy to wrap your mind around outline to help new and old preppers alike in the sea of prepper topics. Additionally covered is the “flim flam man,” a warning to preppers that more expensive is not always best. The seminar goes over getting these basic needs and avoiding the scams.


DJ Cooper is the author of the Dystopia series and other short works. Currently, a student at Southern New Hampshire University studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing/English. Writer of humor, research articles, and commentaries for her blog Informative articles for magazines such as The Odyssey and Prepare Magazine. Her books are post-apocalyptic fiction, focusing on real life scenarios with real life applications outlined in a resources section. The latest project, “The New Prepper Overload,” is a comprehensive class and outline of how to keep your head in preparedness logistics. Two years as an internet radio host of Surviving Dystopia and the executive producer for the Prepper Podcast Radio Network KPRN-DB, you can hear archived shows at