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Crista Casas

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Disaster Response in the 21st Century


Crista will tell the story of Team Rubicon, describing their mission (disaster response, mitigation, and recovery) and capabilities -internationally, nationally, and regionally. She will also share their recent successes with Harvey, Puerto Rico, and WHO accreditation.  Her presentation will conclude with an invitation to get involved and guide you along the path to jump on-board.


Crista is the Colorado state administrator for Team Rubicon-Colorado. A Marine Corps Veteran, she comes to the disaster response and emergency management arena with eleven years of logistical experience in the Marines and transportation industry. She has
over seven years of business management experience. A UC Berkeley Political Science graduate, she has been able to combine her experiences in international humanitarian relief, disaster response, incident command, military, business management and leadership into the perfect blend to now manage the volunteer base of the top veteran-led disaster response organization in the world. She’s passionate about veteran policy, women’s issues, education, minority rights, international politics & disaster, and emergency response. She’s also a firefighter and occasional writer.