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Cindy Miller

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WORKSHOP: Fire-less Cooking in all its Varieties


Join Cindy as she teaches principles of fire-less cooking, also known as retained heat or thermal cooking. You will discuss this time-proven method of cooking, its techniques, and advantages. Fire-less cooking utilized trapped heat to cook food. Great for busy days, family parties and emergency situations.


Cindy Miller loves teaching. Much of her teaching focuses on retained heat cooking and other alternative cooking methods. She is the owner of and the author of Let’s Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook. The study of retained heat cooking has opened opportunities for Cindy to help develop humanitarian work in this area. Through her charity HopeSaC International and, Cindy runs The HopeSaC Project to help make and distribute thermal cooking kits to those in need. Before focusing on thermal cooking, Cindy earned a degree in business and spent over twenty years in event planning and catering. Aside from cooking, she spends her time learning about health, nutrition, and gardening. Cindy currently resides in South Jordan, Utah.