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Carl Weil

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CLASS: Less Pain, Wound Closure Simplified / WORKSHOP: Water Treatment-Facts, Equipment & Myths / PANELIST: Survival Panel


  1. Less Pain, Wound Closure Simplified – Fee: $75 (wound closure kit and training supplies included)
  2. Water Treatment-Facts, Equipment & Myths – Carl will share his findings resulting from his in-depth water filtration product studies and testing, as well as interviews with many of these companies’ executives and experts.


Carl Weil has received numerous credentials including Nationally Registered EMT, EMT-IV/MAST, Colorado Instructor-Coordinator, CPR Instructor Trainer, a National Wilderness Instructor trainer designation and the prestigious Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. He became the first Master Fellow when the new program was opened in 2012.  Carl started his EMT career in 1972. He grew up in the Colorado mountains with a family ranch and guide service. He began working with Search and Rescue units in 1959, and started teaching First Aid to Ski Patrollers in 1967. He has been a Trip Medic on numerous treks, including being a Medic and Guide on a Mt. Everest expedition in 1991. He brings practical outdoor experience to the classroom. His emergency medical experience includes working in Denver General’s Emergency Department to starting and operating a rural ambulance service. Carl holds training certificates from many sources and has served on the Colorado First Responder committees and CO EMT groups. He has been part of the education groups connected with  the Wilderness Medical Society who have set minimums and SOP for Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder. He has been involved in the writing and publishing of these efforts and is the coordinator of the web site for the writing group [founded by 8 wilderness medicine schools in 1996]  Mr. Weil has reviewed over 3,000 outdoor businesses as a risk manager. He has been an expert witness in over 300 legal actions in both civil and criminal cases.   His background includes 2 USMC honorable discharges, work as an outdoor guide and a peace officer on 2 forces. His grand parents, parents and son also were/are veterans, guides  and lawmen.