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DJ Cooper

DJ Cooper is a prominent author of the apocalypse with her Dystopia series of books and other works. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Science in Marketing, and is currently, a student at Southern New Hampshire University studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

She spends time working with other indie authors through Angry Eagle Publishing and Authors of the Apocalypse. A prominent figure in the preparedness community with Prepper Podcast Radio Network and the National Self-Reliance Project. she is the Executive Producer of the podcast, host of Surviving Dystopia. Founder and CEO of Angry Eagle Publishing, Self-Reliance Expo and POSH Media (the magazine for Prepper Podcast), she works to bring knowledge through varied forms of media. Find out more at https://authoroftheapocalypse.com

N.A. Broadley

N.A. Broadley is a mother of two grown children, two grand-children, a wife and a homesteader. She has passion for writing funny homesteading stories along with post apocalyptic fiction. She lives and fights with a rooster named Peckerhead, who makes it his mission to make her life as interesting and as challenging as it can be.

From a small homestead in Southern New Hampshire, in a small log cabin, N.A. Broadley shares with you her love of prepping, homesteading and her books based on the premise of ‘What if?Visit her at :https://www.nabroadley.com/

Conny Fuller

More on Conny coming soon

S.E. Griffin

S.E. Griffin is a proud mother of two and grandmother of four. She was born and raised in the Deep South and still calls it home. She is from a culture where the youngsters learned and enjoyed hunting, fishing, gardening, and food preservation. Professionally she is a retired nurse. She is curious by nature, a problem solver, a marathon reader, and has an insatiable hunger for knowledge. She has an eye for detail which she strives to incorporate in her writing. She describes herself first and foremost a storyteller, like her father before her, and a writer a recorder of those stories.

S.E. stumbled into the world of writing through an incredibly special friend’s encouragement to enter a short story contest. This experience, with much trial and error, encouragement and advice from other authors and friends freed her imagination and desire to put words to paper and hopefully into her reader’s minds and hearts.

Cassadie Rose

Cassadie Rose is a retired nurse who spent the time in her truck between seeing patients weaving tails of dystopian and post-apocalyptic chaos in her head. Inspired by abandoned buildings or a road name, she used a sticky pad to jot down her ideas. She now spends her time expanding those ideas into stories. Due to her nursing background, her stories tend to have a bit of medical basis added to them.

Tom Linden

an N.C.O. instructor with the Royal Observer Corps for 12 years specialising in the Effects of Nuclear Weapons.
I was given exemption from the entry exam due to my level of experience and became a member of the Institute of Civil defence giving me the appellation M.I.C.D. I remained a member between 1987 and 1992.
I was for 4 years a North Yorkshire County Council Community Defence Adviser and helped to provide the countries first ever emergency survey of a town to provide an action plan for that community, that town was Harrogate.
I also ran my own survival school in North Yorkshire in the 80’s as well as a survival club for local kids.

The Complete Nuclear Survival Guide will give you the facts and figures to SURVIVE!!!
Tom W. Linden

Jeff Thomson

A fourteen-year veteran of the USCG, Jeff Thomson served as a navigator on four different ships and as SAR Controller at two Group Operations Centers. He is currently retired from his life as an over-the-road truck driver, which was not the most conducive writing environment, and yet, he managed to write the majority of his first novel, a bit of his second, and a chunk of his third, using his steering wheel as a desk. He is now writing full time (on an actual desk),

Koos Verkaik

Koos Verkaik was born in Holland, near Rotterdam. Worked as a copywriter. His first comics (three pages each week) were published in the magazine Sjors when he was 16 years of age; he wrote his first novel (SF) in a weekend at the age of 18 and it was published by Civo The Hague.

He wrote hundreds of comic scripts and published over 60 different books, both children’s books and urban fantasy novels.

Naomi Kilbreth

Naomi Kilbreth is the author of two published books. Her works are nonfiction and based on personal life experiences.

Mercy Ryan

Mercy Ryan is a pen name that writes romance in the apocalypse. With her debut Reverse Harem Series (the Nomad Kings) she branches out into this new genre, but not new to the Apocalypse in her writing.

Riley Kent

Riley Kent is a pen name that writes steamy and hot Reverse Harem novels.

Jenn Amato

Jenn Amato was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. She graduated class of ’96 from Perrysburg High School in Ohio and has been an avid reader of horror and thrillers since her young teenage years. She still remembers the day she won a simple library competition at fourteen and says that is one of her fondest memories of her youth. She is former law enforcement officer in Ohio and currently owns her own business in Arizona as a Professional Pool Operator and Certified Pool Inspector. Jenn has a deep respect and love for all first responders and military personnel. She is a mother of three adult children, Carlie, Regan, and Vincent, and a proud grandmother of one grandson, Finn. Jenn currently resides in Tucson, Arizona with her significant other, Nick and her three German Shepherd dogs Nova, Hans, and Lilith.

You can find Jenn Amato on Facebook @jennamatoauthor and Instagram @jenn_amato_author