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Denver, CO 2018 Community Partnerships

Community Partnership Program


The goal of the Community Partnership Program between The National Self-Reliance Project and the partnering organization is to leverage the strengths of each organization and increase awareness and to educate and empower our citizens, families and communities to become more self-reliant.


The Community Partnership Program is a public service initiative of The National Self-Reliance Project in partnership with a select number of volunteer-based community nonprofits, disaster relief organizations and first responders. Through this initiative,The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience will promote preparedness in the communities in which it is hosted by sharing our platform with our Community Partners.

The number of booths The National Self-Reliance Project will make available to Community Partners is equal to 10% of the total booths sold.

Community Partners will be able to mobilize and expand their reach by attracting individuals who may not have otherwise pursued preparedness, self-reliance, or become aquainted with our Community Parthers’ programs and/or initiatives. The National Self-Reliance Project provides a national platform for Community Partners to offer classes, educate the public, and recruit new supporters/volunteers/followers. Currently,The National Self-Reliance Project, has a reach of over 140,000 followers, plus a large database of thousands of individuals and businesses who support The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience every year.


The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience will provide the partnering organization the following:

  • Should the partnering organization have a specific relevant curriculum they offer to the public,The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience will provide access to a classroom by which the partnering organization will be able to deliver such educational programs and curriculum (Note: this classroom will be on a space available basis.);
  • Exhibitor booth to distribute information and recruit supporters/volunteers/followers;
  • Inclusion in marketing campaign (i.e. social media, website, advertising, brochures and signage);
  • Up to 1,000 entry tickets that may be sold by the partnering organization for which $2 from each ticket sold may be retained by the partnering organization as a tax-deductible donation from The National Self-Reliance Project.

The partnering organization will provide The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience the following:

  • Opportunity and authority to co-brand with the partnering organization in this initiative on all advertising, promotional and PR materials;
  • Development of media campaign with the partnering organization’s local media partners;
  • The partnering organization will actively promote The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience to their contacts, database and followers;
  • The partnering organization will provide social media posts (the number of such posts will be agreed upon at the time of application) in promotion of The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience;
  • The partnering organization will send eblasts (the number of such posts will be agreed upon at the time of application) to their database promoting The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience;
  • A letter of in-kind donation in the amount equal to the booth cost.


  • Each party shall retain editorial review of all materials branded with their respective logo.


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to consider your organization.

If you are a volunteer-based nonprofit, disaster relief or first responder organization and would like to submit your application for consideration to participate in the Community Partnership Program, please complete the following. We will review your application and notify you of your acceptance within 30 days of your application.

NOTE: Should you be selected to participate as one of our community partners, we will ask the following of your organization:
– Complete Community Partner Exhibitor Application (upon approval)
– Provide co-marketing plan that promotes your participation at The Self-Reliance Experience (including, but not limited to, eblasts, social media and inclusion on your website)
– Provide letter of in-kind donation equal to the value of the booth

Thank you again for all you do and for strengthening our community!!!

Mesquite, TX 2018 Community Partnerships