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It’s not just another expo…it’s an

The Self-Reliance & Simple Life EXPERIENCE is family-friendly event produced by The National Self-Reliance Project, whose mission is to educate and empower our citizens, families and communities to become more SELF-RELIANT.


Over 100 exhibitors offering unique and high-quality products and services, along with hands-on demos, fun and great energy.


Over 20 speakers and trainers on multiple stages, in classrooms and hosting boothside gatherings.

Community Focused

Community Partner Program to include volunteer-based non-profits and first responder organizations who demonstrate true self-reliance.

We create an interactive EXPERIENCE on a neutral platform, focused on the four pillars of SELF-RELIANCE: preparedness, survival, sustainability and ‘the Simple Life’, helping individuals and families find their path back-to-basics, resurrecting time-honored traditions and creating and embracing a simpler life marked by independence, freedom and peace-of-mind.

Proactively meeting one’s needs for survival and sustainability by relying upon their own knowledge, natural abilities, skills, and innate resources vs. dependence on third-parties.

Learn About Self-Reliance


How dependent are you upon someone or something to supply you and your family’s needs to get through an emergency situation?



What survival skills do you have in order to sustain any type of emergency or a crisis situation — such as getting lost while hiking?



What steps can you take to become more energy independent, provide nutritious meals for your family, or live more intentionally?


The 'Simple Life

What does it mean for you to get back-to-basics, regain control over your life, and begin to focus on the things that are most important?


September is National Preparedness Month


September is National Preparedness Month

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Additional Denver Speaker Updates & Program Coming Soon!

    Ryan Broughton

    Denver Office of Emergency Management

    Presenter's Website

    Denver: A Safe, Secure, and Resilient Community

    Jeff Olson, RLT

    Altius Farms

    Presenter's Website

    Victory Gardens #GrownUP

    Jim Cobb

    Survival Weekly

    Presenter's Website

    Realities of Bugging Out

    Nick Meacher

    Patriot VE Team | Survival Dispatch Insider

    Presenter's Website

    Get on the Air (for HAM Radio Licensees) & Emergency Communications 101

    Eric Lemay

    Presenter's Website

    New Perspectives on Threat and Public Safety Responsiveness

    David Jones The NBC Guy

    WMD Protection

    Sponsored by: Emergent Biosolutions

    Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense: A Practical Guide to Survival in an NBC Environment

    Dr Drew Miller

    Fortitude Ranch

    Presenter's Website

    Impending Threats | Survival Communities

    DJ Cooper

    The Prepper Podcast Radio Network

    Presenter's Website

    The New Prepper Overload

    Ty Ritter

    Project Child Save

    Presenter's Website

    Drawing the Line to Keep Children Safe

    John Pierre

    Presenter's Website

    The Pillars of Health | Tricks of the Trade: What the Pros Know that You Should Too

    John Patterson

    Tiny Hemp Houses

    Presenter's Website

    Building the Future with Hemp

    Eric Boettcher

    Eric Boettcher Survivalist

    Presenter's Website

    No Food....No Water....No Shelter.... Could You Hack It?

    Rich Beresford

    Around the Cabin

    Presenter's Website

    Trash Talk - One Man's Trash is Another Man's Survival

    Phillip Nehls

    Presenter's Website

    Intro to Trapping

    Amanda Korth

    Transamerica Financial Advisors

    Presenter's Website

    Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia

Sponsorships Available

The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience offers an excellent opportunity for businesses and organizations to align with and establish themselves as leaders in a billion-dollar niche industry in a space that is more relevant than ever to our communities.